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Out of the box

Boutique-hotel «Truvor» – is for those who have a taste!

Visiting our hotel, you will find yourself surrounded by the best that Novgorod land can give. In walking distance: museums, monuments, the Kremlin, the embankment, the park. You can easily find us: the hotel «Truvor» is located on the territory of the Yaroslav’s Court, opposite the churches and cathedrals of the Ancient Market Place.

In addition to the location in the historical center of the city you will be pleasantly surprised by the design of rooms. A lot of creativity, work and extraordinary solutions were invested in the decoration of this design hotel. Each room is distinguished by a unique thematic design: vintage accessories, author’s paintings, hand-made interior details – all emphasize the individuality and personal approach in the concept of our hotel.

We pay special attention to the creation and maintenance of high standards of cleanliness, safety and service, we strive to be the best in terms of price/quality ratio among boutique hotels in Russia. Our mission is to make people happier, surrounding them with care and a smile, in the best traditions of hospitality!

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Our guests

Our guests are young and active travellers who came from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and also from other remarkable Russian cities, from Murmansk to Vladivostok.

Many guests are from abroad – the most active travellers come from China, Germany, England and further on from all corners of the world!

Most guests become our Friends, coming to our hotel again and again. Come and you in Veliky Novgorod, too!

We will tell you about the most interesting places, we will advise where to have lunch, dinner and dance at a discount. Our administrators will book you a walk along the river or a walking tour.

Unique, as any trip, rooms and spaces for unforgettable emotions will present you a beautiful and modern hotel «Truvor» in Veliky Novgorod!


The history of our building is almost two hundred years old. The building of the first half of the 19th century now has a passport of a monument of history and culture under the name of «Rozov’s House». A future fashionable hotel in its first photos looked differently and was a square building with typical for that time rounded corners at the intersection of two streets. The first floor was occupied with small shops, the upper floors were intended for living.

From the extract of the «Book for entries of bills of sales and conditions for the sale and hiring of private houses» it is known that both the owners and the first tenants of the premises were noble Novgorod merchants: Alexander Sokolov and then Mr. Rozov, who gave the name to the building. The house was used as a shelter for a consumer society «Mutual benefit», teachers’ training college for women, and a kindergarten. After the revolution it even housed the headquarters of the legendary 16th Division n.a. V. I. Kikvidze. In the late 40’s «Rozov’s House» was given to the disposal of the main post office.

In 2016, together with a large-scale reconstruction, a new page began in the history of the legendary building – «Rozov’s House» found a second life under the sign of the boutique hotel «Truvor».

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