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(Русский) Скидка  до 30% 
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(Русский) Скидка  до 30% 
при бронировании  на сайте
(Русский) Скидка  до 30% 
при бронировании  на сайте
Room categories
Family Suite
2 numbers
All rooms of the category are equipped with extra beds, causing delight in children and the curiosity of adults.
4 numbers
Flagship and most loved by our guests rooms.
Superior comfort
3 numbers
The category of rooms for long stay guests with business and private visits to the homeland of Russia.
4 numbers
The rooms are specially designed for the specific purposes of the visit, taking into account taste and style.
Double compact
5 numbers
Offer for guests who care about their resources.
Single compact
3 numbers
Maximum available, brilliant and simple.
(Русский) Люкс с ванной Ethno
(Русский) 1 номер
(Русский) Люкс с ванной и большой кроватью для искушённых путешественников.
VIP with balcony Alexander Nevsky
3 number
Two-room suite with a balcony and a magnificent view.

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Еще один наш проект Глэмпинг TRUVOR на берегу Середейского озера в Валдае.
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